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Botanical tulips are also called wild or dwarf tulips because they remain small and delicate compared to other tulips. This tulip originates from the Himalayas. As such, they are actually mountain plants. Most grow between 12 and 20 centimetres tall, but some varieties can also grow up to 30 cm long. Besides their short to medium length, Botanical tulips are recognisable by their star-shaped flowers. Botanical tulips come in about 65 different varieties, all with a different shape, colour or scent. The somewhat better-known varieties are TurkestanicaTarda and Saxatilis. Botanical tulips can naturalise very well. If you want to enjoy the first spring blooms, but don't want to have to replant every year, the Botanical tulip is a good choice. Botanical tulips only need to be planted once, after which they will cheer up your garden year after year with their beautiful shapes and colours. This special characteristic is because they are hard-shelled bulbs. Because of its hard shell (Skin), this tulip is able to sprout every year, unlike soft-shelled tulip bulbs. Furthermore, these bulbs have a much smaller size.