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Planting Instructions

Planting instructions

How and where can I best store tulip bulbs?
The time of planting is very important, but you may have bought the bulbs before you can plant them. It is important that you keep the bulbs in a cool (12-17 ° C), dry and dark place. It is also important that the place is well ventilated, so it is not recommended to keep bulbs in the refrigerator or an airtight plastic bag.

When should I plant tulips?
Tulip bulbs are best planted between September and December.

Plant tulips in the sun or in the shade?
Tulips bloom best in full sun to light shade.

What is the best planting depth and distance for tulips?
Roughly speaking, we recommend a planting distance of three times the width of the bulb, but it can differ per variety. In our webshop you can find per species which planting depth and planting distance you can best apply.

How should I plant tulip bulbs?
Dig a trench or hole 10-15 inches deep. You plant tulip bulbs with the pointed side up and 12 to 15 centimeters apart. Then shovel the soil back into the holes or channels. Once the bulbs are planted, it is important to water thoroughly until the soil is well moist.

How do I maintain and care for my tulips?
The tulip grows best in loose soil. The soil should not be too wet, because then the bulb cannot develop properly. After flowering, the bulbs of hatched tulips and weak old bulbs can be removed.